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The largest town on the island, a popular tourist place with numerous beaches, events and tourist facilities packed in true Mediterranean soul.
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Supetar on Island Brač


One of the most famous tourist destinations in Croatia for years. Definitely a place you must visit if you are on Brač.
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Bol on Island Brač


An idyllic small Dalmatian town that lives from agriculture and fishing and it offers great vacation possibilities.
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Postira island Brač areal view


Pučišća has been on the list of the most beautiful small towns in Europe for years. Visit and you will immediately know why.
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Pučišća on Island Brač


The main center on the east side of the island. Newer settlement Puntinak stretches all the way to the sea and abounds in holiday houses and tourist facilities.
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Selca on Island Brač


As the Venetians called it, Cove of 1000 ships, is located in a deep bay protected from the winds. Since antiquity it has been used as the safest port in this part of the Adriatic.
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Milna on Island Brač


Sutivan or as the locals call it Stivan is the center of adventure and cycling on the island with long promenade by the sea and well-kept beaches.
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Sutivan island Brač areal view


The old capital of the island where the rulers and princes of Brač used to govern.
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Nerežišć island Brač areal view
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