5 Ways to Enjoy the Fall on Brač Island

Brač is well known as a summer vacation destination, but it is equally charming to visit during the colourful fall season.

From mid-September, the sea temperature is just above 20°C (68°F) so there are only a few brave swimmers. But most days are sunny with warm temperatures, leaving you with more time for other activities.

We will recommend 5 things you can do this fall on Brač Island. Some of them, like exploring the island, can be done all year round and some are specific to autumn.

1. Become the world champion in olive picking

Every year in October, Postira becomes the world centre of olive picking. Maybe you have heard so far that the olive oil from Island Brač is one of the best in the market, but surely you didn’t know that we are organising The Olive Picking World Championship competition. 

If you are searching for great entertainment, food tastings and some competitive spirit you are in the right place. Pick your team, register as representatives of your country and let's pick some olives.

2. Explore unbeaten paths and spots

Pleasant temperatures invite you to go out and explore the island and there are so many possibilities that it is impossible to do them all in just one trip.

If you decide to hike, Brač offers a unique Via Brattia Hiking Trail that surrounds the entire island and connects the most famous attractions and almost all Brač settlements.

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Brač is a well-known cycling destination with Sutivan as the centre of biking on the island. In total, there are 25 marked bicycle trails on the island so everyone can find a suitable trail.

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Whichever means of transport you choose to discover the island, you must visit these locations:

3. Relax away from the crowds

If you are a laid-back kind of person, we have something for you. Just sit back and relax. September on the island brings fewer crowds and a more typical Mediterranean lifestyle. Sit on your favourite seafront, take a morning coffee with the locals and enjoy beautiful views of the sea and fishing boats.

Afterwards, take a walk by the seaside inhaling sea salt aerosol. Being by the seaside is good for your health both mentally and physically.

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Don't forget to eat well. One of the must-tries is freshly caught Adriatic squid as autumn is the main season for fishing these tasty Cephalopods. They are especially appreciated if they are caught with a special hook, so-called “peškafondo”, instead of a fishing net.

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4. Enjoy the grape harvest

Brač has an extremely long winemaking tradition with famous Croatian varieties Pošip and Plavac Mali. Today, there are only a few large wineries, but many locals grow vines and make wine for their own needs.

Harvesting grapes is one of the most exciting periods in winemaking and one of the best periods to visit wineries. So if you find yourself on Brač Island in September, introduce yourself to the thousand-year-old tradition and become a harvester for a day. You will enjoy a friendly social experience and beautiful landscapes.

5. Sail around the island

Sailing around Brač in September and October can be an even more enjoyable experience due to mild Mediterranean weather, fewer crowds in your favourite bays, and of course more affordable prices.

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The nautical centre of Brač is the small settlement Milna. It is located in a deep bay and it houses well-equipped marinas with more than 300 berths. And just as you can walk around the island following the Via Brattia Hiking Trail you can sail and discover some fantastic places. 

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Some hidden bays you must visit are:

. . .

Whichever of these 5 things you choose, you will discover a lesser-known but equally beautiful side of Brač.

Every season means something different on the island and it brings its unique possibilities. Even the things available year-round have a wholly unique feel in every single season of the year.

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