About Brač

Brač is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. It is the largest island in the region of Dalmatia.

It's probably best known for the white-pebble beach Zlatni Rat. Many world-famous travel magazines listed it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach has its magic powers to change its shape and position depending on the wind, tide, and the current, and sometimes, the tip of the beach rotates so significantly that it forms a small pool.

Second most known fact about island Brač is Vidova Gora, the highest peak of all Croatian islands, which certainly makes it the most beautiful lookout point on the entire Adriatic with a spectacular view of Bol, Zlatni Rat beach, but also the surrounding islands of Hvar, Vis and Korčula.

And finally, you must have heard a story about the famous Brač stone that has been mined since Ancient Roman times and used for the construction of many world famous buildings like the United Nations building in New York.

Brač is separated from the mainland by the Brač Channel and the closest large town on the mainland is Split, the second largest city in Croatia.

The island has around 14.000 inhabitants, living in 22 settlements. Most known are Supetar as the main town and Bol as the main tourist destination.

The people of Brač are often stereotyped as stingy although the Scots are generally better known for being thrifty, if not outright stingy. As we like to make jokes on our stereotypes, we believe that Scotland was founded by a man from Brač we kicked out because he was too big a spender.