Cat in the bell tower


If you ask any resident of Brač what Sutivan is famous for, you will get a unanimous answer - a cat in the bell tower!

Today, the story of this legend is revealed by the sculpture of the Girl with the Cat sitting on the seafront and pointing to the bell tower where the sculpture of the cat is. The sculpture and the legend have become an integral part of the town's cultural heritage. 

The story

A woman was cooking an octopus, but she had no onions. She went to borrow from a neighbour but left the house door open.

The octopus came out of the pot and tried to escape to the sea, but the cat found it and tried to eat it. So the octopus ran to the bell tower followed by the cat.

At that moment, a steamboat full of passengers came by and they started shouting: "Cat in the bell tower! There is a cat in the bell tower!"

When they heard that shouting, the locals thought they were mocking the sound of the new church bell. So they got so angry that they threw stones at the steamboat to stop passengers from mocking them.

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Amazing facts about Cat in the bell tower

Numerous versions of a story

There are numerous versions of a story about how the cat ended up in the bell tower, but the one with the octopus was chosen as the official one.

Began as a mockery

The story, which began as a mockery has grown into a legend, which today is witnessed by the sculpture of the girl with the cat on the seafront and pointing to the statue of a cat in the bell tower.

Behind the legend

Austro-Hungarian Empire confiscated the bells in WWI for the production of cannons and ammunition. When the bells were restored after the war, the locals were very sensitive if someone said that the new bells sounded bad.



Sutivan or as the locals call it Stivan is the centre of adventure and cycling on the island with long promenade by the sea and well-kept beaches.
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