Bobovišća Lookout Point

Bobovišća na moru

Bobovišća lookout point is a favourite resting place for everyone travelling to the western side of the Island.

This place offers a beautiful view of the bay where the small village Bobovišća na moru is located. There you can find tables with benches and a photo point with a big red heart that you can use as a frame for your romantic photos.

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Good for: 
Family, Couples, Solo, Senior, Eco-friendly, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Dog Friendly



Bobovišća is a place of rich history that takes us back to the time of the Illyrians and Greeks, whose traces you can find in the nearby Vičja luka.
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If the road ever takes you to Ložišća, you will not regret a moment. This small village located on a slope is one of the most photographed locations on the island of Brač.
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