Brač Lamb Culinary Specialties

Interior of the island

Brač lamb is a delicacy that all true meat lovers must try. The speciality of this delicacy is in the specific taste of the meat, which is conditioned by grazing. Brač sheep live freely and feed on Mediterranean plants that are highly aromatic and often medicinal.

Lamb specialities on Brač include whole roast lamb on a spit or pieces of meat roasted on a spit (janjetina na ražnju) and lamb under the bell (janjetina ispod peke).

Two very special and autochthonous dishes are Brač's vitalac and butalac. Vitalac is a shepherd's dish that is prepared while waiting for a roast lamb. The lamb offal, lungs, heart and liver are wrapped in a belly handkerchief and then baked on a spit. Butalac is a traditional Easter dish made of the leg of lamb, which is stuffed with Mediterranean herbs and drizzled with wine.

In addition to meat, you should definitely try the aromatic Brač sheep cheeses, cottage cheese and procip - young sheep cheese with caramel.

If you are brave enough, you can pour Brač cocktail - Smutica, which is obtained by mixing fresh goat's milk and homemade local red wine.

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