Ivan Rendić Gallery


Ivan Rendić is a prominent Croatian sculptor and certainly the most famous inhabitant of the town of Supetar.

He started sculpting at an early age thanks to the stonemasonry tradition on the island of Brač.

The gallery that bears his name is located within the city library and is a valuable memorial collection containing 20 sculptures, 50 original projects and designs, and numerous photographs and documents.

One of Rendić's most significant works is located in Ložišća. He is the architect of the famous Ložišća bell tower.

During the year the Gallery hosts many cultural events.

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Amazing facts about Ivan Rendić Gallery

Supetar cemetery

In addition to the gallery, there is another place where many of Rendić's works can be seen. It is the Supetar cemetery where many graves are decorated with his sculptures and statues.

Petrinović Family Mausoleum

This amazing mausoleum at the Supetar cemetery was supposed to be a masterpiece by Ivan Rendić, but he lost the job due to a disagreement with the client.

And where is Rendić?

Rendić was buried in Supetar, and according to his wishes, the grave has only his walking stick, hat, shoes and the inscription: And where is Rendić?



Supetar is the largest town on the island, a popular tourist destination with numerous beaches, events and tourist facilities packed in the true Mediterranean soul.
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