Kavanjin Mansion


The summer house of the noble family Kavanjin and its spacious courtyard today serve as a summer stage for artistic and cultural events in Sutivan.

The Mansion was built at the beginning of the 18th century when many wealthier families from Sutivan built fenced courts and fortified houses with towers to defend against pirates and Turks from the sea.

The most famous member of the family was Jerolim Kavanjin - one of the greatest Croatian baroque poets who wrote the most comprehensive epic poem in Croatian literature with 32.658 verses.

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Amazing facts about Kavanjin Mansion

Sutivan courts

Sutivan is known for its lavish fortified houses with towers and spacious courtyards. Next to Kavanjin Mansion, there is Kaštil (tower) Marijanović and nearby is a hotel which makes a complex of renovated renaissance houses.

Castrum Sutivan

Thanks to all the fortifications and towers, Sutivan got the title Castrum (fortified settlement) in the 18th century.

Ilić family windmill

Another interesting building in Sutivan is the windmill that worked until 1905. It is the best-preserved windmill of the 120 windmills that once existed in Brač. Today it is used as a holiday home.



Sutivan or as the locals call it Stivan is the centre of adventure and cycling on the island with long promenade by the sea and well-kept beaches.
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