Parish church in Supetar


In the centre of Supetar is the beautiful parish church of the St. Mary Annunciation. Together with the bell tower, the clock tower (Leroj), the church museum and the old primary school building, it forms a unique complex that leaves every visitor breathless.

At the entrance of the museum there is a sculpture of St. Victor the co-patron of Supetar, and at the entrance to the churchyard is a statue of Mother Teresa.

Next to the church, you can see an extremely well-preserved early Christian mosaic. The mosaic is part of an early Christian Basilica of Saint Peter built in the 6th century.

The entire complex is a protected cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia and one of the most photographed locations in Supetar.

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Amazing facts about Parish church in Supetar

Early Christian Basilica

The church was partially built on the remains of an Early Christian Basilica of Saint Peter from the 6th century. Next to the church, you can find an excellently preserved old mosaic from the Basilica.

Tomb of Saint Victor

The church contains the tomb of St. Victor, whose remains were brought from the Roman catacombs in 1853. St. Victor. Supetar celebrates the feast of St. Victor the co-patron of the town on May 2.

Risen from the ashes

In 1729, the church was completely destroyed by fire. Then the residents collected money for the construction of the church and put an inscription in Latin on the central portal, Risen from the ashes.



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