Petrinović Family Mausoleum


The mausoleum of the Petrinović family is a monumental building that dominates over the Supetar cemetery. It was built in the Byzantine style with white Brač stone by the sculptor Toma Rosandić, who also learned the craft from the world-famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

It was made for Frano Petrinović, who travelled to Chile as a stowaway and became a rich emigrant, a ship and a mine owner there.

Apart from the appearance and size, it is an interesting fact that the mausoleum was supposed to be built by the famous Supetar sculptor Ivan Rendić, but his order was cancelled.

At the local cemetery, where the mausoleum is located, Ivan Rendić was buried and a large number of tombstones are his work. In the cemetery, there is also a small church of St. Nicholas, early Christian sarcophagi and the remains of a Roman villa from the 1st century.

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Amazing facts about Petrinović Family Mausoleum

One million dollars

The Mausoleum was built in 1927 and according to some sources, the cost of construction was one million dollars.

Unfortunate Ivan Rendić

This Mausoleum is supposed to be a masterpiece by Ivan Rendić, a famous Croatian sculptor but he lost the job. Fortunately, the cemetery is full of his other fantastic works.

Roman Villa Rustica

Near the Mausoleum you can find the remains of a Roman countryside Villa Rustica and two ancient sarcophagi from the 1st century.



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