5 Best Beaches for Young Adults on Island Brač

Beaches and partying go together like, well, a hot summer day and a cold beer.

Island Brač is not a typical party destination like Zrće on Pag or Hvar but it has some hot spots where you can find some fun, music and drink cocktails on the beach.

First time on a ferry boat to Brač Island? Tips and recommendations

A small drawback can be that most beach parties are happening during the daytime but it has some charm to dance while the sun is still high in the sky. Also, fewer crowds can be ideal for organising a birthday or bachelorette party or just some daytime fiesta with your friends.

Getting around Island Brač

Take a look at our top 5 party beaches on island Brač and start planning your getaway with friends.

Zlatni rat, Bol

Zlatni rat is the most popular beach on the island and it has all you need for a great party.

The beach is so well equipped you don’t need to bring anything. You can even buy a swimsuit if you accidentally forgot it.

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There are 2 party spots, a cocktail bar on the very beach and a nightclub with indoor and outdoor floors just a few minutes walk from the beach. When you get hungry you can choose between pizza, burgers, french fries and some simple grilled dishes.

Tri Mosta beach, Supetar

On the other side of the island, there is a popular beach in Supetar called Tri Mosta. It is the favourite beach for young people who love sea adventures and activities such as surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, banana riding or beach volleyball.

There are 2 bars right on the beach where you can get cold local beer and a large selection of cocktails.

Mala Lozna beach, Postira

Mala Lozna is also popular for its range of water sports and activities. It is located in Postira where locals are always ready to party and have fun.

There is also a beach bar where you can look for music, refreshments and some moving and shaking.

Any beach on the promenade to Zlatni rat, Bol

There are several great beaches on the 2 km long promenade that leads from Bol to Zlatni rat and all of them have a few things in common - fine pebbles, plenty of sea activities and great beach bars.

One of them is beach bar Ured (Office) so you can party and when someone calls you, you can say that you are in the office.

Banj beach, Supetar

Similar to Tri Mosta, Banj Beach also has an abundance of sea adventures and activities.

Nearby you can find some beach bars and cafes but as the oldest urban beach in Supetar, it is more popular among older locals and families.

Head to one of these beaches for younger adults and get some moving and shaking by the sea.

There is something undeniably awesome about partying at the beach but keep in mind this warning: you may need a vacation from this vacation. But it’s all in the name of fun, right?

If you want to explore more, check our list of all good beaches for travelling with your friends.

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