Brač History

The oldest traces of life on Brač have been dated between the 12th and 8th century BC in the Kopačina Cave near the small village of Donji Humac.

The oldest settlements can be found in the interior of the island. With its defensive walls, Škrip is considered to be the oldest settlement on the island, whose history begins 3000 years ago. Often called Croatian Mycenae, Škrip is shrouded in numerous legends and myths that you can learn about in the Museum of the island of Brač.

There are numerous archaeological finds from the first centuries of AD. Relief of Hercules in the Roman quarry near Splitska from the 4th century AD when Romans built Diocletian's Palace. An early Christian mosaic from the 6th century was found next to the Parish church in Supetar. Early Christian Basilica of St. Lawrence from the 6th century in Lovrečina Bay. Mirje Monastery Complex from the 6th century AD on a hill above Postira and numerous other early Romanesque churches all over the island.

In the 16th century, hermits who fled from the Ottoman Empire built several hermitages in caves and stones. The most iconic are Blaca Monastery and Dragon's Cave. Their diligent hands created amazing monuments and buildings.

Nerežišća is a small picturesque place which until 1828 was the administrative and business centre of the island. There was also the court of the Brač Rector who governed the whole island.

Throughout history, Brač has been conquered by numerous rulers. In ancient times, the Illyrians and Romans lived on Brač. In 872, the island was sacked by Saracen raiders. After that, Brač was governed by the Republic of Venice, the Kingdom of Hungary, Bosnian King Tvrtko Kotromanić, the Habsburg Monarchy and the French Empire during the Napoleonic Wars. For a short time, Prince-Bishop Petar I Njegoš of Montenegro managed to seize Brač with the help of the Russians.

Finally, at the beginning of the 20th century, Brač became part of Yugoslavia, until its disintegration and the proclamation of the Republic of Croatia.

Infographic of the history of Brač from 8000 BC to the present day