Bol town on Island Brač

Located on the south side of the island of Brač, Bol has been one of the most famous tourist destinations in Croatia for years.

Its great popularity can be attributed to Zlatni Rat beach, which many ranks as the most beautiful beach in the world. However, Bol is not only Zlatni Rat, this beautiful little town hides many other beauties.

Bol is located below the highest peak on all Adriatic islands - Vidova Gora. It is surrounded by pine forests and beautiful vineyards.

The seafront is the centre of the place which is adorned with numerous buildings in the Baroque and Renaissance styles. In summer it is a long promenade full of events, fine restaurants and bars.

To the east, on the small peninsula of Glavica, Bol is adorned by Dominican Monastery and its rich museum.

In the west, where the beach Zlatni rat is located, there are numerous hotels that are connected to the place by a promenade that leads through the pine forest by the sea to Bol.

Bol and Zlatni Rat are definitely a place you must visit if you are om Brač. All those who want summer fun and events for young people will spend their vacation there.

Bol Facts

Ancient structures

The area of Bol has a rich history. The Illyrians built the stone fortress Koštilo, while the Romans built Piscina (a water tank called near Zlatni Rat).

First residents

In the 12th century, the Bol area, near the church of St. John and Theodore was the location of the building for the Hvar's bishop when he was visiting Brač.

Dominican Monastery

In 1475, Dominicans founded a monastery in the bishop's building with permission of the Brač Rector, which was followed by the formation of a permanent settlement.

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