Dol on Island Brač

The eco-ethno village of Dol is a living monument of some ancient times, and today one of the gastronomic centres of the island of Brač.

This small village is located in a deep valley 2 km from Postira and in this area, there are several top taverns where you can try most of Brač specialities. As one of the most famous Dol products, we will present the Hrapoćuša cake.

Hrapoćuša is a wedding cake. It is characterized by an extremely sweet walnut topping that resembles the surrounding stone after which it got its name.

The place itself looks like it’s from a fairy tale: stone houses on a hill, Mediterranean greenery, caves and supernatural stories about Viver. In the late hours of the night, when the village is quiet, you can only hear the roar of these mysterious creatures that live in the surrounding caves. While the visitors are tingling from the story, the locals are sure that at night, the creatures protect them from evil with their roar.

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