Village Dračevica on Island Brač

Dračevica is a living monument of some ancient past times. Untouched nature, almond trees, olive groves and vineyards surround this small village on the road between Nerežišća and Milna.

Since Roman times, the fields around Dračevica have been considered the most fertile on the island of Brač, and scientists have calculated that it is located in the most favourable biometeorological place on the island.

The old centre of Dračevica is built in a classic Mediterranean style with the main square where the well is located, and the narrow streets spreading towards the edges of the village.

Near Dračevica, there is a quarry where you can see how the famous Brač stone is mined, and above the village, there is the largest windmill on the island of Brač.

Today, the population of Dračevica live a quiet life, and time flows more slowly here, so many lovers of this lifestyle have decided to renovate old stone houses and live here for at least part of the year.

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