Milna town on Island Brač

Milna, or as the Venetians called it, the Cove of 1000 ships, is the largest settlement on the west side of the island of Brač. It is located in a deep bay protected from the winds, so since antiquity, it has been used as the safest port in this part of the Adriatic.

The locals are extremely proud of their maritime tradition. Today's seafront is adorned with large stone villas owned by shipowners and captains whose sailing ships sailed the entire Mediterranean and faraway oceans. At the northern end of the port is a restored stone house, which was once the shop of priests from the Blaca Hermitage.

As an important port, Milna has had a turbulent history from the Romans to the present day. Walking through this small town, you will see the former fortress of the Cerinić family, which served as a defence against Omiš pirates. Not far from the place is the fortress Baterija where in the time of Napoleon the French and Russians fought, and also Milna played an important role in the defence of Split in the Croatian War of Independence in the '90s.

Today, Milna is a beautiful place turned to tourism, which is dominated by as many as 3 marinas offering daily or annual berths for boats and yachts.

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