Mirca on Island Brač

Mirca is an ideal choice for quiet relaxation in the middle of a busy island in summer. This small village is located 3km west of Supetar and is divided into Gornja and Donja Mirca.

Mirca is characterized by 2 motifs. The first one is almond trees that bloom with white flowers in early spring, turning the whole village white as if it had snowed. The second one is votive chapels which are located all over the village and on roads leading to olive groves. The chapels are built by people to make vows or to thank the saints who answered their prayers.

Donja Mirca is a newer settlement by the seaside where you can find numerous apartments and luxury villas for accommodation, while Gornja Mirca is a typical Mediterranean village with rustic stone houses.

Here you will find fantastic opportunities for a calm family holiday away from the noise and in an environment of untouched nature. The village is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, and orchards. Special charm in spring is given by almond trees when the whole village is white because of their flowers.

If you are looking for the perfect place to relax, and eat fresh local food and homemade wine, look no further - Mirca is the right place for you.

Mirca Facts

Rich pastures and dew ponds

The Mirca area has been inhabited since ancient times when Romans used the rich pastures and dew ponds in the area. In the Middle ages, these activities are continued by the locals from Donji Humac.

Parish church construction

Construction of the Our Lady of Mirca parish church started in 1579 by families from Donji Humac and Sutivan. These families often visited the area to graze goats and sheep so they started building permanent dwellings.

Tin Ujević discovers Mirca

In 1929, the Croatian poet Tin Ujević writes about Mirca: "In the heart of that poor land and ungrateful stone, there is a moment of high and passionate native poetry, a source of beauty where you should stop for a moment. This is a suburb of silence... There are so many stars here, and their twinkling is discreet. Peace enters me."

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