Nerežišća island Brač areal view

Nerežišća is located in the heart of the island of Brač. In the old days, Nerežišća was the administrative centre of the island with Brač Rector who governed the whole island.

Today, Nerežišća is a small settlement whose population live from agriculture and cattle breeding, especially from the breeding of the famous Brač lamb.

Although tourism is not something that preoccupies the local population, we definitely recommend you to visit it because in Nerežišća you can see some of the main sights of the island of Brač. In the centre of town is a small church of St. Peter and Paul whose roof is adorned with a miniature black pine tree.

Nearby is the protected geomorphological monument of nature Koloč, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands Vidova Gora and Blaca Monestary.

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