Postira areal view island Brač

Postira is an idyllic small Dalmatian settlement located on the north side of the island of Brač, 10 km east of Supetar.

The local population lives from agriculture. growing olives, grapevines and citrus fruits, with a strong fishing industry. The famous Adriatic Queen canned fish and pâtés come from Postira.

The settlement has been mentioned since the 16th century. But there are numerous traces of a long history that you can discover if you visit the late antique site Mirje or the early Christian basilica of St. Lawrence from the 6th century.

The whole place reminds you of the old Mediterranean, and if you get lucky you may meet some of the supernatural beings: Macići, werewolves, marinorgotials and fairies that, according to legends, are hiding in the attics of old stone houses.

In recent times, Postira is increasingly turning to tourism. The centre of town is filled with restaurants, cafes and other entertainment facilities, and in summer the seafront is a place of many events. You can find accommodation in apartments, holiday homes or in 3 modern hotels, which means that everyone can find something ideal for themselves.

Postira is surrounded by numerous beaches, of which the most famous is Lovrečina - the largest sandy beach on the island of Brač. Lovrečina is a shallow bay with a sandy bottom, ideal for families with small children.

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