Pučišća on Island Brač

Pučišća has been on the list of the most beautiful small towns in Europe for years. Visit and you will immediately know why.

This picturesque place is located in a deep bay, so you can enjoy a walk along the seafront, which is adorned with numerous houses built of Brač stone. Pučišća is also called the Port of 13 towers that served as a defence of Brač from Omiš pirates, and later the Turks. Today, several of them have been preserved and adapted to housing, which adorns the Pučiška seafront.

Pučišća is also home to Brač stonemasonry. On the seafront, itself is a stonemason's school, one of the best in Europe, which accepts students from all over the world. You can visit it and see some of the most beautiful students' works, and nearby you can also visit the wonderful quarry Veselje.

Summer in Pučišća is full of events, and the place is full of facilities for all visitors. From the youngest to the oldest.

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