Brač Cathedral in Selca on Island Brač

Selca is the main centre on the east side of the island of Brač located a kilometre from the sea. Newer settlement Puntinak stretches all the way to the sea and abounds in holiday houses and tourist facilities.

Selca is also one of the centres of stonemasonry on the island of Brač, thanks to Antonio Štambuk, a slave who bought his freedom with his extraordinary stone processing skills. Today, the tradition of stone processing can be seen at every step because the place abounds in buildings and monuments made of white Brač stone.

During World War II, Italian fascists set fire to 7 Brač settlements, and Selca was badly damaged in a fire that burned for 3 days and 3 nights.

The locals like to brag about the fact that the place has the most monuments per capita, and they are extremely proud of their 45-meter-high church called Brač Cathedral. This is something you should definitely visit on the island of Brač.

Although Selca is not a typical place by the sea, in summer it abounds with events that give it the charm of a small Dalmatian town. In nearby Sumartin and Povlja, you can also find refreshments in the sea.

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