Island Brač Museum in Škrip

Škrip is proud of its 3000-year-old history and the title of the oldest settlement on the island. Therefore, if you want to experience the history of the island, this is a place you should definitely visit.

It is often called Croatian Mycenae, and the entire old part of the place is a protected cultural monument. There you can find traces of the ancient Greeks, Illyrians, the Roman Empire and towers built for defence against the Turks.

In addition to numerous historical remains, Škrip is also known for two valuable museums. The museum of the island of Brač preserves many valuable objects, and it is partly located on the historical site of the Roman mausoleum where, according to legend, the wife and daughter of the Roman emperor Diocletian were buried. The Oil Museum is a private collection that shows the history of olive growing on the island of Brač.

Another legend from the time of antiquity tells the story of Škrip as the birthplace of St. Helena, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine.

In Škrip you can find accommodation in rustic villas, that often have a swimming pool, which makes it an ideal place for a quiet family vacation, and the sea is only a few minutes away by car.

Škrip Facts

Illyrian buildings

The Museum of the Island of Brač is built on the foundation of Illyrian hill forts and megalithic stone walls from around 1500 BC.

Romans in Škrip

The Romans established two quarries near Škrip for use in building Diocletian's Palace in Split. The legend of Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, also originates from that era.

Fortification against the Ottomans

In the 16th century, locals built towers and forts to defend Škrip against the Ottomans, including the famous Cerineo Castle and Radojković tower.

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