If you are looking for a quiet corner by the sea for a vacation then Splitska is the perfect place for you. Here you can find only a few shops, cafes or a local tavern.

The centre of life is the beach Zastup. It is located in a deep bay surrounded by a pine forest that is just 4 km from the town of Supetar which is the centre of the island.

In ancient times, due to its position, Splitska was the main port for transporting the famous Brač stone. Part of this stone was used to build the palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split. Today, above the place you can find the remains of the ancient quarry Rasohe.

In the 13th century, the settlement was destroyed by famous Omiš pirates in their attacks on Dalmatia in those years, so Splitska as we know it today began to develop after the 16th century.

This small village is ideal for a family vacation outside the usual summer crowds and will be gladly chosen by all those who like to enjoy fresh local food, surrounded by the untouched Mediterranean ambience.

Splitska Facts

The mother of Split

The history of Splitska dates back to the arrival of the Romans, who used the current settlement as a port to transport Brač stone for the construction of Diocletian's Palace. This is why Splitska is referred to as the mother of Split.

First settlement and Omiš pirates

The original settlement of Splitska was founded by seven families from Škrip in 1228. They built a small church but it was burned down by Omiš pirates during an attack on Brač. As a result, the inhabitants returned to Škrip.

The end of pirate attacks

Splitska was established as a permanent coastal settlement in the 16th century with the immigration of the local population from the interior of the island after pirate attacks were no longer a threat.

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