Sumartin areal view island Brač

Sumartin is the youngest place on the island of Brač. It was founded by immigrants who were running away from Ottoman Empire in the 17th century.

Along with Supetar, Sumartin is the only site that is connected to the mainland by ferry. A line from Sumartin to Makarska sails daily.

The locals are extremely proud of their long tradition of fishing and shipbuilding. In Sumartin you can find the oldest shipyard on the Adriatic. It is also the hometown of Mario Puratić, the famous inventor who invented the Puretic Power Block, a device that brought revolutionary progress in world fishing in the 1950s.

In addition to good connections with the mainland, Sumartin is characterized by numerous beautiful pebble beaches that stretch from the centre of the place to hidden coves.

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