Supetar on Island Brač

Supetar is the largest town and the main port that connects the island of Brač with the mainland.

As a must-visit tourist spot, Supetar has everything you could ask for and more. Plenty of facilities, good restaurants and accommodations and also many events for everyone.

The settlement was first mentioned in the 15th century, but the area's history dates back to the Roman Empire, whose traces can be found next to the local cemetery and in the remains of the early Christian Basilica of Saint Peter and its amazing mosaic located next to the Parish church.

Supetar is known for its numerous beaches extending from the city's very centre. The beaches are rich in facilities for families with children, and young people looking for fun. There are also a few hidden bays where you can find peace and privacy.

Throughout the year, Supetar is well connected to the mainland by ferries which take people and cars more than 10 times a day for an hour across the Brač Channel. In summer, when it gets crowded, ferries constantly drive so you never wait too long to board.

Supetar will leave you with the impression of a true small Mediterranean town, peaceful yet full of life on its streets.

Supetar Facts

Roman Villa Rustica

The first signs of life are found in the cemetery, where a Roman countryside Villa Rustica was located in the 1st century. There are also the remains of two ancient sarcophagi. Next to Parish Church, there are the remains of the early Christian Basilica of Saint Peter and its mosaic.

Formation of the settlement

Supetar was established as a permanent coastal settlement in the 16th century with the immigration of the local population from the interior of the island after pirate attacks were no longer a threat.

Supetar becomes capital

In 1830, after over 800 years, the whole administration of Brač was moved from Nerežišća to Supetar, making Supetar the island's capital and remaining that status until today.

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