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Sutivan or as the locals call it Stivan is a small settlement 14 kilometres west of Supetar and is the centre of adventure and cycling on the island of Brač.

In addition to beautiful bike trails that pass through dense pine forests and olive groves, Sutivan is proud of its long promenade by the sea. It spreads from the centre to the east and west and reveals beautiful and well-kept beaches.

If the road takes you to Sutivan, be sure to ask about the legend of the cat in the bell tower. There used to be dispute because of that, and today it is a story that Sutivan proudly tells.

If you happen to be in Sutivan on August 15 and 16, don't be scared by the loud noise of the cannons. It is a tradition from the 17th century when cannon shots are fired on the Feast of the Assumption and Saint Rocco. That's how the locals thank Saint Rocco for defeating the plague.

Many celebrities also love Sutivan. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson loved to spend his summer holidays in Sutivan when he was mayor of London.

Sutivan Facts

Life in ancient times

During the Roman Empire, in Sutivan there was countryside Villa Rustica, and the famous Brač stone was transported from the Likva bay by ships. The remains of an ancient wooden ship in the sea from the 2nd century are still visible today.

Early Christian Basilica of St. John

The foundations of the early Christian basilica of St. John from the 6th century stand near today's church of St. John in the Bunta area. Saint John (sveti Ivan) is the patron saint of Sutivan, after whom the place got its name.

Fortified settlement

From the 16th to 18th century, wealthier families built fenced courts and fortified houses with towers to defend against pirates and Turks from the sea. This is how Sutivan got the title Castrum (fortified settlement). Kaštil Marijanović and many fenced courts are still visible.

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