Supetar Summer Festival


Welcome to the vibrant Supetar Summer Festival, a local cultural and entertainment extravaganza that will immerse you in the rich heritage and Mediterranean way of life of the charming town of Supetar.

With its unique blend of events and activities, Supetar Summer Festival stands out as a distinct celebration of culture, art, and tradition.

Throughout the summer months, Supetar comes alive with a diverse array of events that take place day and night in the heart of town. From festivals and art exhibitions to concerts and klapa music, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Many of these events are free for all visitors, allowing you to experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community in a truly authentic way.

One of the highlights of Supetar Summer Festival is Supetar Municipality Day, where the entire town transforms into a colourful stage for a local festival known as Supetarska fijera. This unique event showcases the distinct traditions and customs of Supetar, making it a must-see experience unlike any other.

Other not-to-be-missed events during the festival include the international Brač Film Festival, offering a captivating cinematic experience from around the world, and the thrilling EUROTOUR International SUP Race.

The fishermen's nights are a true treat, providing a taste of local seafood and highlighting the importance of fishing in the region. And the unique exhibition of Mutne Kale in Mirca is a rare opportunity to witness a distinct cultural display that is exclusive to Supetar Summer Festival.

To plan your perfect festival experience, be sure to check out the full program on the Supetar Tourist Office website.

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