Eventful Fjere (Feasts) from Island Brač

Island Brač is famous for its various festivities, feasts and celebrations called Bračke Fjere. 

Every town or village on the island has its own day associated with patron saints. Some settlements even have several festive days. For example Postira - they really like to party! 

These traditional feasts are mainly held in summer. During the day, you can attend the liturgical celebration and when the night falls, the folk festivities begin.

If you want to see real island life and discover how the people of Brač celebrate their festivities, you must visit at least one of the fjera listed below.

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Pražnica and Novo Selo, Feast of Saint Anthony

Anthony the Great was a Christian monk from Egypt, also known as the Father of All Monks. Saint Anthony is celebrated in Pražnica and Novo Selo, two small inland villages as patron saint on January 17 with a local festival and liturgical celebration.


Dol, Kandalora

Kandalora is a local name for Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ. It falls on 2 February, when all Brač monks gather in the beautiful Eco Ethno village Dol.


Bobovišća, Saint George's Day

Saint George was a warrior and protector, but most famous as a dragon slayer and the Patron Saint of the island Brač and we have many churches built in his honour. 

One of these churches is in Bobovišća where Saint George's Day is celebrated as the Feast of Saint George.


Povlja, Postira, Bol & Sutivan - Nativity of John the Baptist

We can say that when John the Baptist celebrates his birthday, the whole Brač celebrates with him. Churches of St. John the Baptist are located in Povlja, Postira, Bol and Sutivan where this day is especially celebrated.


Ložišća, Feast of Saints John and Paul

Saints John and Paul are patron saints of Ložišća, famous for its majestic bell tower.


Supetar Municipality Day, Saints Peter and Paul

If you find yourself at the end of June on island Brač, Supetar is a must-see place. Every year, on June 29, Supetar, the largest town on the island, celebrates its day.


Mirca & Gornji Humac, Our Lady of Mirca

Two beautiful small villages Mirca and Gornji Humac celebrate their day on 2 July. This is the day that Christians call the Visitation and it happened when Mary, who was pregnant with Jesus, visited Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist.

Among locals, this day is also known as Our Lady of Mirca and the feast of Saint Elizabeth.


Nerežišća, Feast of Saint Margaret

The former capital of the island, Nerežišća celebrates its day on 13 July. The feast of Saint Margaret is a very special day full of traditional events with a folk festival and liturgical celebration.


Postira, Milna & Selca, Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, or Virgin of Carmel, is the title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as patroness of the Carmelite Order, particularly within the Catholic Church. This day has a special place in the hearts of the local population as it is celebrated in Postira, Milna and Selca.


Donji Humac, Feast of Saint Anne

Saint Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and on 26 July Donji Humac celebrates her day with a liturgical celebration and folk festival that gathers the whole village and their guests.


Sumartin, Our Lady of Angels

Our Lady of the Angels (Queen of Angels) is a devotional title of Mary, mother of Jesus and also the feast of the patron saint of Sumartin, the youngest settlement on the island.


Bol, Our Lady of Snows

The date of 5 August is associated with an incredible legend about the snow that fell and covered Bol. Today in August, when temperatures exceed 30°C, this story seems quite improbable, but still, Bol celebrates its day and the feast of Our Lady of Snows. Additionally, this is a public holiday in the whole country so don’t miss this festivity in the heart of the summer. 


Fjera Bobovišća

Bobovišća, a small village located in a beautiful bay on the northwest side of the island, celebrates its day on 14 August.


Splitska, Our Lady of Assumption

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 15 August is a public holiday in Croatia and the day when Splitska, a small village by the sea celebrates its day.


Sutivan, Feast of Saint Rocco

If you find yourself in Brač on 16 August don't get scared when you hear loud cannon shots. Thus the inhabitants of Sutivan celebrate their patron saint Rocco (Roch).


Škrip, Feast of Saint Helen

Saint Helen or as we call her Jelena was the mother of Roman emperor Constantine the Great who stopped the brutal persecution of Christians. According to the legend she was born right here in Škrip.


Dračevica, Saints Cosmas and Damian

Cosmas and Damian, twin brothers and doctors from Arabia are celebrated as patron saints of Dračevica, one of the smallest villages on island Brač.


Pučišća, Feast of Saint Jerome

Saint Jerome was best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin. Today he is celebrated as a patron saint of Dalmatia and Pučišća.


Sumartin, Feast of Saint Martin

Of all Brač settlements, Saint Martin is the most celebrated in Sumartin and you can probably guess why. Sumartin is the youngest settlement on the island and it was named after Saint Martin.


Pražnica, Feast of Saint Clement 

Clement was the third pope, holding office from 88 AD until his death in 99 AD. Pražnica is celebrating Saint Clement as their second patron saint.


Gornji Humac, Saint Nicholas Day

The Feast of Saint Nicholas falls within the season of Advent. Christmas time is especially solemn in all Brač settlements, but in Gornji Humac, a small inland village, they make a special feast for their patron saint.

. . .

Every year, all Brač settlements compete who will have a bigger and more eventful fjera but they all have a few things in common - great fun and lots of local food and drink.

Each fjera is special and has some of its own traditions so we recommend visiting each of them.

Fjere in small inland villages like Nerežišća, Gornji and Donji Humac, Pražnica and Dračevica are especially magical as they keep the old and traditional customs welcoming all visitors from the entire island.

In the end, we recommend that you take a look at other great events on island Brač.

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