Getting around Island Brač

If you really want to discover all the beauties of Island Brač, you have to be mobile.

It is the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest in the Adriatic with 396 square kilometres.

It will take you more than 1-hour drive to get from the easternmost to the westernmost point and more than half an hour to get from the northernmost to the southernmost point.

Getting on Brač is easy, with several ferry lines you can get on the island with your own vehicle and that is the best way to explore Brač.

Let's take a look at all the possibilities for getting around the Island.

Your own vehicle

The best and the most comfortable way to explore Island Brač is by driving your own vehicle. Brač is ideal for long car rides. Local roads are good and well-signed, but we definitely recommend having extra navigation so you won’t get lost. 

Roads between settlements meander along the coast, over hills and through olive groves, vineyards and forests. In the interior of the island, be extra careful because you will often come across sheep crossing the road. If you come by motorbike or cycle, prepare for a unique experience.

Gas stations are located in 4 main tourist places: Supetar, Bol, Sumartin and Milna. EV charging stations are located in Sutivan, Postira and Bol.

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By Bus

The bus is the cheapest way to get around the island, but it has its limitations. Some of the most popular sites are located off the bus routes so you will find it hard to visit them without your own vehicle.

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From Supetar (the main ferry boat port) buses run to most other destinations in Brač. The bus station is located just east of the ferry port. 

Buses have different schedules for summer and winter and you can find a detailed timetable and buy tickets online at  A one-way ticket from Supetar to Bol costs 5-6 €.

Rent a car

Renting a vehicle is another great way to get around the island. There are many local renting companies with a big fleet of cars, quads, buggies, scooters, bikes and also boats. Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and start at 50 € per day.

If you Google island Brač rent a car, you will find all the info and possibilities of online pre-arranged rent at the various locations.


Booking a private taxi transfer is also possible online. It is one of the most convenient ways to reach your destination as you will have experienced drivers who can help you with some local tips and you don’t have to bother driving or finding a  parking place.

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Of course, such benefits have costs, so a taxi transfer is certainly the most expensive way to tour the island. The price for a one-way transfer from Supetar to Bol is somewhere between 40-50 €. In addition to standard taxi transportation, you can book day trips to any island location.

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There is no taxi service like Uber on the island, but these private taxi vehicles are waiting for passengers in almost all tourist hotspots and main island settlements.

Now that you know all the possibilities of getting around Island Brač, there is no reason not to set off immediately. Choose the transport that suits you best and let us know your impressions on social media using the hashtag #MyIslandBrac.

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