10 Must-See August Events on Brač Island

Summer on Island Brač is full of events. From food and film festivals to concerts and various exhibitions. Everyone can find something for themselves.

But sometimes it is hard to find all the info you need to discover all these beautiful small, everyday happenings, and for some, it’s definitely worth getting on a ride and going to the other end of the island.

Getting around Island Brač

Today, we bring you 10 of those that happens every August. If you like to discover a true island vibe, this is the list you just can’t ignore.

1. Mutne Kale, Mirca (3 August 2024)

Traditionally, every first Saturday in August, local artists from the small village of Mirca exhibit their works. At first, it sounds like just another art exhibition, but this is something different.

In the narrow and intimate space of the small village streets, the whole Mirca, their guests, and families of emigrants from all over the world, from Australia and New Zealand to Chile and Canada, come together.

This turns the Mutne Kale into an authentic local celebration with cheerful crowds, traditional klapa (a capella) singing, local wine and grilled fish.

2. Hrapoćuša Cake Night, Dol (14 August 2024)

If you have a sweet tooth, then you have to visit Hrapoćuša Night in Dol, a small village that looks like it's from a fairy tale. On that evening, under the torchlights, locals tell stories about their traditional cake Hrapoćuša, unique for its taste and heritage.

Besides trying the delicious Hrapoćuša, which you must not miss, enjoy the local food and wine, traditional products, and lively gathering that attracts the whole island.

Visit this beautiful eco-village and experience the true tradition of Brač.

3. International Summer Music School, Pučišća

All summer long, and especially during August, the International Summer Music School is holding amazing concerts in Pučišća. 

Summer Music School covers different musical genres (classical, jazz, pop/rock/fusion) in separate music workshops. During the course, attendants, professors and other musicians hold concerts for the public.

4. Bol Summer Nights

Picture this: a delightful gathering with traditional Mediterranean feasts served under the open sky - that are Bol Summer Nights.

Once a week (usually Wednesday), the waterfront comes alive with the mouthwatering aroma of Mediterranean cuisine and music. Indulge in delectable dishes made with love and bursting with flavour. From fresh seafood to savoury grilled meats, there's something to satisfy every craving.

The schedule of this dining-musical programme is here.

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5. Grandma's Cakes, Postira

Every few evenings in August, an event called Grandma's Cakes (Nonino slatko) is organised in the small town of Postira.

Dates for August 2024:

  • 1.8.
  • 6.8.
  • 15.8.
  • 25.8.

As the name itself suggests, there you can taste traditional cakes prepared by our grandmothers and nonnas.

Simple and local - there is no better invitation.

6. Kalaton, Milna (3 August 2024)

Kala + Marathon = Kalaton. Ok, but what is Kala? Kala is a name for traditional old narrow streets which you can find in Mediterranean towns and when you combine a marathon with Kala, you get Kalaton.

7. Brač Classic Festival, Sutivan, Postira, Ložišća & Supetar (22 July - 7 August 2024)

Brač Classic Festival is bringing together talented musicians from all over the world. Not just about the big names, but also shining a spotlight on hidden gems—amazing compositions by lesser-known yet exceptional composers.

Set against the backdrop of Brač's rich cultural heritage in Sutivan, Postira, Ložišća and Supetar you can enjoy these concerts absolutely free.

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8. Mala noćna regata, Postira (10 August 2024)

The Little Night Regatta is a traditional sailing race taking place during the night. But that is not the most unusual thing about this event. 

The sailboats in this race are powered by a special night summer breeze called "Gažul" and during the regatta, the whole seafront echoes Mozart's "A Little Night Music".

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9. Traditional Klapa singing

Klapa singing is a multipart singing tradition of Dalmatia. It was inscribed in 2012 on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The island of Brač takes great pride in its klapa singing tradition, and throughout the entire summer, the sounds of klapa singing resonate in every town and village.

This August, enjoy klapa songs in:

  • Supetar: 1.8., 4.8., 13.8. and 20.8.,
  • Postira: 2.8. and 31.8.
  • Sumartin: 1.8. and 6.8.
  • Povlja: 23.8.
  • Bol: every Monday all around Bol centre
  • Ložišća: 2.8.
  • Milna: 5.8.
  • Bobovišća: 14.8.
  • Sutivan: 14.8.
  • Škrip: 8.8.
  • Mirca: 17.8.
  • Splitska: 22.8. and 25.8.
  • Pučišća: 30.8.

10. Local Feasts (Bračke Fjere) in August

Island Brač is famous for its feasts associated with patron saints, called Bračke Fjere. During August several Brač settlements celebrate their patron saints:

Eventful Fjere (Feasts) from Island Brač

Almost every night in August you can visit a different town on the island and enjoy different summer vibes. Summer truly offers something for everyone so don’t waste your time and explore beautiful Brač traditions.

If you are visiting Brač in other months check our full list of traditional Brač events that are happening all year round.

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