The Best Things to Do in Supetar

Supetar is the largest town and main port on Brač island. As soon as you see its sights from the ferry, it will be clear to you why it attracts so many visitors.

This beautiful scenery with a gorgeous harbour, old wooden boats, Dalmatian stone houses and a bell tower dominating the town call you to immediately take your camera and make a postcard which will remind you of this feeling.

But, Supetar is not just a beautiful small island town, it has a long and interesting history, some of the best beaches on the island and many fantastic things to see and do. 

Let's check 4 things you must do when visiting Supetar.

Visit historic sites

The city of Supetar includes the town Supetar and the 3 villages Splitska, Škrip and Mirca. Although Supetar has been mentioned as a settlement since the 15th century there are many older traces dating back to the Roman Empire.

Some can be found on a beautiful peninsula where today stands the local cemetery and the mausoleum of the Petrinović family - another amazing attraction worth visiting.

Next to the parish church, you can find an extremely well-preserved early Christian mosaic from the 6th century. The entire church complex is a protected cultural asset and one of the most photographed locations in Supetar.

Škrip is definitely worth visiting if you wish to dig deeper into history. And when we say deep we think 5000 years deep as Škrip is the oldest settlement on the island. There you can find traces of the ancient Greeks, Illyrians, the Roman Empire and towers built for defence against the Turks. The Museum of the Island of Brač in Škrip is one of Brač jewels that you definitely must visit.

Splitska is an adorable small port that hides an old quarry with beautiful relief of Hercules that Romans used to mine the stone to build Diocletian's Palace in Split.

Must See Historic Sites on Island Brač

Take a swim

If you are looking for a beach vacation, Supetar has some of the best beaches on the island. On each of them, you will find numerous sea activities, relaxing beach bars, sunbeds for rent and some natural shade when you get tired of the hot summer sun.

Acapulco beach is located in the very centre of Supetar offering spectacular views of the ferries sailing into the harbour while swimming in a crystal blue sea. 

Vlačica and Banj are two urban beaches in the heart of Supetar offering almost anything you can imagine from beach massages, an aquapark and slides to renting a kayak or a Stand Up Paddle (SUP). Vlačica beach is more suitable for families and seniors and Banj is a great beach for families and younger visitors looking for some adrenaline activities.

Tri Mosta is a favourite beach for young people who love sea adventures and activities such as surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, banana riding or beach volleyball.

5 Best Beaches for Young Adults on Island Brač

The only sandy beach in Supetar is Vela Luka, a shallow sandy beach hidden in a deep bay. It is the perfect spot for small children or young and inexperienced swimmers.

5 Best Family Beaches on island Brač

If you are looking for some privacy and relaxation you will need to explore the beaches outside the city of Supetar. Check Mutnik beach located halfway between Mirca and Supetar, or Zastup beach near Splitska.

Beaches in Supetar

Taste delicious (sea)food

Supetar has over 20 restaurants offering various menus from local seafood and meat dishes to Mediterranean cuisine, pasta, pizza, burgers and even sushi. 

Brač Gastronomy Guide: 50+ must-try foods and dishes of island Brač

The star of the island gastronomy is lamb and a variety of lamb dishes. Some of the lamb specialities you must try are Brač sheep cheese, janjetina na ražnju (roasted lamb), janjetina ispod peke (lamb under the bell) and janjetina s bižima (lamb with young peas). Finally, there is Vitalac - a special and autochthonous Brač dish made with lamb innards. 

Our choice, however, is seafood. Grilled fish (riba na gradele) is a must-try dish. The only important thing about grilled fish, scampi or calamari is that it is served fresh from the sea just with olive oil so it keeps its beautiful taste.

Our 2 favourite dishes are Buzara and Brudet. Buzara is a traditional Dalmatian technique of preparing seafood by cooking it in a mixture of olive oil, wine, garlic, parsley and some breadcrumbs. The most common choice of seafood is scampi or any clams like mussels or venus clams, but you can find it made even with prawns or lobsters.

Brudet is a true star of traditional Dalmatian cuisine. This fish stew is prepared with a variety of seafood (any white wish, shellfish, scampi and crabs) - the more the better.

Other must-try seafood is fish carpaccio, marinated fish, octopus salad, black risotto with cuttlefish and octopus under the bell.

Several restaurants in Supetar have an autochthonous menu called “Unlocking Tastes Of Island Brač” offering freshly caught fish and seafood, Brač lamb, locally grown fruit and vegetables, olive oil, cheese and excellent homemade red wine. 

Take part in local events

Visiting Supetar during summer guarantees an abundance of events under the common name Supetar Summer - from open-air cinema and theatre, concerts, fishermen's nights, nights, and exhibitions to local feasts.

All events in Supetar

Summer events usually start with the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29, which is celebrated as Supetar Municipality Day. Just 3 days later, Mirca celebrates its day with the Feast of Our Lady of Mirca

At the beginning of August, don’t miss Mutne kale Art Exhibition in Mirca with local artists exhibiting their artwork while tasting grilled sardines and local wine. In Supetar, there is a popular international Brač Film Festival

On August 15 Splitska celebrates its day with the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption and 3 days later Škrip is celebrating the Feast of Saint Helen.

In spring don’t miss Biser Mora international culinary festival and Easter holidays. In mid-September events and the summer rush slow down, but it is a great time to explore the local atmosphere and act like a native islander. A must is a morning coffee at Supetar seafront, enjoying fantastic views of the harbour.

. . .

Whatever time you choose for a visit to Supetar you will for sure have a great time and many great things to do and see.

Even though Supetar is the largest settlement on Brač, be sure to plan some day trips to other attractions and must-see things on the island. 

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Definitely don’t miss Vidova Gora, the highest peak of all Croatian islands, Blaca Monastery and Hermitage, Stonemasonry School in Pučišća or Zlatni rat beach.

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