Travelling with a pet? Check our experienced dog owner tips

Travelling is an incredibly rewarding, memorable bonding experience. So many of us, pet owners, want to bring our furry friends on our trips and adventures.

But sometimes travelling with pets, especially on the islands can seem challenging. Long trips by car or ferry, especially in the summer heat, can be exhausting for pets. 

So if you’re considering an upcoming trip to Brač with your pet, here are the tips that we learned by travelling with our furry travel companion.

Best Time to Visit Brač - Monthly Weather and Average Temperatures

Before You Go

First things first. Does your pet meet the basic requirements for travel to the European Union? EU citizen's pets travelling to Brač need to:

  • be micro-chipped
  • be vaccinated against rabies
  • have treatment against the tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis
  • have a valid European pet passport

Third-country nationals can travel with their pets if they have obtained an EU animal health certificate.

Choosing Accommodations

There are more and more apartments in Brač that offer accommodation for pets. We most often look for accommodation through Airbnb, which currently has over 1000 units that accept pets.

If you like to book accommodation through local agencies, we recommend To Islands Travel with over 100 pet-friendly accommodations on Brač.

You can always try finding accommodation by yourself in Facebook groups like Island Brač Travel Info.

Hotels on Brač generally do not allow pets but campsites mostly do. Several hotels have their apartment resorts, so we recommend that you contact the hotel directly and check their offer.

If you are wondering which destination is the best for your dog, check our picks for the best dog-friendly destinations on island Brač.


During the trip, we want to provide maximum comfort and reduce stress to our pets. That is why we are carefully planning our transport to island Brač.

If you are visiting Brač for the first time, we recommend reading our blog First time on a ferry boat to Brač.

If you travel by car, the only way to get to the island is by Jadrolinija ferries. To get to Brač you will need to get to Split or Makarska. Split is the second-largest Croatian town and largest port so you can imagine it is not the greatest pet-friendly place to be. 

During the summer, besides the heat, Split port is full of cars and people travelling to the Dalmatian islands and there are no spots where your dog could stretch the legs before entering the ferry. That is why we recommend stopping at one of the rest areas on the highway just before Split. 

If you want to refuel your car or drink a coffee go to Kozjak resting place and if you just want to stop to stretch your legs go to less crowded Sitno or Radošić.

After boarding the ferry you have two options, to stay in your car or to go on open decks.

Pets are not allowed to enter on closed passenger decks and must be kept on a leash. Also, have drinking water with you because the water on the ferry is not drinkable.

Exploring Brač with your pet

Brač is a great place to be with your pet. Our dog loves to explore Brač landscapes and forests freely, swim in the sea or just lie on the beach soaking up the sun.

Think you know Brač island? Here are 5 hidden spots that’ll make you think twice!

Dog-friendly beaches

Unfortunately, Brač has no great dog beaches. You can try the west side of Zastup beach in Splitska, St. Nicholas peninsula between beaches Banj and Tri mosta in Supetar, Tatinja beach in Sutivan or a small beach on the promenade to Zlatni rat in Bol.

Most of the urban beaches (like the most famous Zlatni rat) near the settlements do not allow dogs but we recommend exploring the island to find your own hidden beach where you can enjoy swimming with your dog.

Also, check out our favourite Brač beaches to go with our dog.

Things to see & do with your pet

Fortunately, most of the must-see locations are outdoors, so feel free to bring your pet. Here you can find a comprehensive list of dog-friendly attractions and events.

Be sure to take your dog on an adventure exploring Brač nature and landscape. Don’t miss visiting Vidova Gora or Blaca hermitage, you and your dog will love this trip.

Must See Historic Sites on Island Brač

Brač Island has plenty of biking and hiking trails that are perfect for dogs. Check out our list of easy but amazing trails that walk with your dog.

In general, pets are allowed in all cafes. In restaurants, you can sit on the open terraces, but we recommend that you ask the waiter before. We like to ask for a table in some quiet corner so that our dog can lie down and relax.

Brač Gastronomy Guide: 50+ must-try foods and dishes of island Brač

Even though you are on vacation, always keep in mind the importance of keeping your pet on a leash and cleaning up after them.

Emergency Preparedness

In the end, it is important to know how to reach a local vet if needed. Brač has only one veterinarian but he is the best you can get. His vet ambulance is located in the centre of Supetar and in case of an emergency, you can call him anytime.

There are no pet supply stores on the island so take everything your furry friend will need with you. Some basic items and a basic selection of food can be bought in all convenience stores on the island.

. . .

Have you already travelled to island Brač with your four-legged best friend? Find the link to our Facebook group below and share your experience with us.

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