Where to eat on Brač: 10 restaurants you absolutely can't-miss

You often ask us about the best restaurants on the island, and we must admit it can be hard to choose just a few. Based on our own experiences and your reviews, we've picked out ten restaurants serving local Dalmatian food that are absolute must-visits.

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Traditional and simple local food

Konoba Toni in Dol

Konoba Toni is a lovely local tavern located in the beautiful village of Dol. It’s a wonderful spot to enjoy delicious local food and a true Dalmatian experience. The owner, Toni, and his family take great care of their guests, making everyone feel right at home.

The menu features amazing dishes, including fresh local fish, lamb, local prosciutto and cheese, and the island’s authentic flavours. Don’t miss the Hrapoćuša cake, a local dessert that’s a perfect end to your meal.

The restaurant has a very rustic but charming atmosphere, with stone walls and a cosy feel that adds to the dining experience. You’ll love the friendly and relaxed vibe at Konoba Toni, perfect for a laid-back meal with family or friends.

Dining at Konoba Toni is more than just a meal; it’s a chance to experience the authentic atmosphere of the island.

Konoba Tomić in Gornji Humac

Konoba Tomić is a fantastic tavern in the village of Gornji Humac It’s known for its amazing atmosphere and delicious local and traditional food. The restaurant is run by the Tomić family, who warmly welcome every guest.

One of the highlights at Konoba Tomić is their speciality dish, lamb peka. This is a mouth-watering dish where lamb and vegetables are cooked under a bell-like lid on an open fire for several hours. To enjoy this special dish, you need to book it one day in advance.

The tavern is cosy and rustic, giving it a real homey feel. With its stone walls and wooden furniture, Konoba Tomić has a charming, domestic vibe that makes you feel right at home.

It’s the perfect place for a relaxed meal with local food, friendly service, and the authentic Dalmatian experience.

Olive Oil Museum in Škrip

The Olive Oil Museum in Škrip offers a unique blend of education and dining, perfect for a memorable experience. It's recommended for those looking to explore and enjoy a different kind of tasting and lunch.

The restaurant also features several tasting menus with local and homemade food, enhancing your tasting experience. All tasting menus include a guided tour of the museum and the chance to taste their extra virgin olive oil, adding a flavorful touch to your visit.

This fabulous establishment is not just a restaurant but also a very educational and fun museum. It's run by the original local family, adding a personal touch to your visit. Here, you can learn all about olive oil production through an informative guided tour of the museum.

Kaštil Gospodnetić in Dol

Kaštil Gospodnetić in Dol is a place with lots of character and a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. Set atop a hill overlooking the village of Dol, it offers stunning views and a traditional feel that's both charming and authentic.

To truly experience the charm of Kaštil Gospodnetić, it's best to book your table in advance and perhaps even arrange for a tour of the building. 

Guests can enjoy storytelling tours that bring the history of the place to life, adding to the overall ambience. The menu features simple and local dishes ranging from lamb, and octopus cooked under a bell-shaped lid and grilled fish to Hrapoćuša cake. 

Restaurant Bilin in Sumartin

Restaurant Bilin offers a taste of authentic Dalmatian food in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Located in Puntinak-Sumartin, this charming spot is perfect for enjoying local dishes with a casual vibe.

The menu at restaurant Bilin features a variety of traditional Dalmatian dishes, focusing on fresh seafood like octopus salad, black risotto, and flavorful grilled fish. For dessert, don't miss their speciality pancakes in wine sato, a delightful treat that adds a unique touch to your meal.

The restaurant is family-owned and has a simple exterior and a non-formal atmosphere, making it ideal for a laid-back dining experience with family or friends.

Modern approach to local food

Nono Ban in Gornji Humac

Nono Ban in Gornji Humac on Brač offers a delightful blend of comfort and culinary excellence. The restaurant is known for its outstanding food, which is prepared on a traditional open fire, adding a special touch to every dish.

Set in a unique and tranquil setting, Nono Ban provides a great ambience for dining. They offer a modern approach to local Dalmatian food, featuring dishes such as local cheese, Dalmatian prosciutto, grilled lamb, and raw seafood, all prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Konoba Kala in Supetar

Konoba Kala, known as Kala Dine & Wine, is a small family-run restaurant nestled in Supetar, embracing the essence of Brač Island. Decorated with Brač stone, a material steeped in Dalmatian history, the restaurant exudes island charm and cultural heritage.

Chef Dino, drawing inspiration from Brač itself, uses fresh, local ingredients to create dishes that capture the island’s rich flavours and aromas. 

At Konoba Kala, guests can choose from a tasting menu or à la carte options, both meticulously crafted to showcase the chef's expertise and the island’s culinary treasures. Michelin has recognized Konoba Kala for its excellence, highlighting its fine dining experience.

The restaurant prides itself on excellent attention to detail, evident in the vibrant colours and meticulous plating of each dish. Combined with great service, Konoba Kala offers a fantastic dining experience where every visit promises memorable flavours and a taste of Dalmatian tradition.

Senjković Wine bar

Senjković Wine Bar is a hidden gem located in Nerežišća, run by chef Magdalena Senjković and her husband, winemaker Saša Senjković. You can drop in for wine and small tapas dishes, or book ahead for a special slow-food tasting menu.

This place is perfect for trying Senjković wines paired with creative dishes made from local ingredients, celebrating Brač's culinary traditions. It's a standout choice among dining spots on Brač, offering a unique experience where excellent wine meets delicious food. Take your time here, soak in the relaxed small-town vibe, and enjoy the flavours of the island expertly prepared by a talented and hospitable chef and winemaker.

Restaurant Lemongarden in Sutivan

The restaurant in hotel Lemongarden specializes in gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative culinary techniques

Guests can enjoy a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere, with stylish décor with tables set directly by the sea, providing breathtaking views and a serene ambience.

Restaurant Otok in Supetar

Restaurant Otok in Supetar offers a delightful dining experience right in the heart of Supetar. It's known for its inviting atmosphere and delicious Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine.

The restaurant is featured in the Michelin guide for serving fresh seafood, grilled meats, and locally sourced ingredients.

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